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At Enhance Insurance Services, we work closely with membership bodies and associations to help ensure you are not exposed as an entity or an individual board member. This allows your organisation to continue your vital work in developing compliant frameworks, providing support to practitioners and ensuring clinical excellence. As a membership body or association, you are responsible for setting out corporate governance within your organisation. You set out frameworks to improve processes and procedures to help raise the standards of the industry and put patient safety at the forefront of what your members do.

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Why do membership bodies and associations need insurance?

If, for example, as a group of board members you have put together best practice guidelines for health and safety or clinical compliance that you require members to follow, and as a result, something happens to a patient, e.g dies during treatment, suffers an injury or a loss, it is possible for the individual board members to be sued if negligence can be proven in addition to the member practitioner carrying out the treatment.

An example of this can be a board member who negligently gives wrong advice, asks someone to perform a dangerous task, or dismisses staff without proper authority or process, thus exposing themselves to the risk of being sued. Where such cases can be proven, the personal assets of negligent board/committee members can be seized to meet any damages. This is where our Directors and Officers’ Liability Insurance comes in.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for membership associations

Professional Indemnity insurance covers individuals against claims for breach of “professional duty” arising out of any negligent act, error or omission committed or alleged to have been committed during the conduct of professional activities. This insurance is particularly relevant for organisations involved in providing services such as health care, or those providing advisory services.

Enhance works closely with membership bodies and associations to identify their risks, help them mitigate the exposures they may face as an entity and put in place insurance coverage to provide protection.

We can also work with you to put together a specific insurance package designed for your members. This can include insurance for laser treatment, chemical peel, botox and a wide range of clinic insurances.


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