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Micro Pigmentation Treatment Insurance

What Are Micropigmentation Treatments?

Micropigmentation treatments is another fast emerging cosmetic treatment offered in the UK. It is an innovative treatment that is classed as permanent makeup. It is often used by both male and females to treat hairline reduction, define eyebrow shapes and a range of other cosmetic treatments. The treatment can last for years and is a great, smudge free way of boosting people’s self-esteem. The treatment itself involves the insertion of pigments (in most cases black) into what’s known as the dermal layer of the skin.  

With all cosmetic treatments, there is a slight risk. Because micropigmentation is a semi-permanent treatment that can last for years, it is vital that skin clinics and practitioners are insured should any issues or complications arise.

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Why Do You Need Insurance For Micropigmentation?

It is necessary that those providing micropigmentation treatments to patients have the correct Cosmetic Insurance. With micropigmentation treatments becoming increasingly popular it is important to get the right cover set up. In addition to the increase in demand, due to the semi-permanent nature of the treatment, you’ll want to make sure that you are covered.

The team at Enhance Insurance are available to make sure you have the right Micropigmentation Insurance. With the in-depth knowledge our team has of your industry, we will be available to support you with any of your Aesthetic & Medical Malpractice Insurance requirements.


What Insurance Is Recommended For Micropigmentation Treatments?

If your practice is offering Micropigmentation treatments it’s essential that you have the correct insurance cover in place to protect you from claims. As a practice offering Micropigmentation treatments, you are constantly dealing with the risk of injuring clients and even the smallest mistake can cause a significant injury which leaves you open to claims being made against the business. 


To help reduce the financial risk to your business, you should invest in an insurance policy that covers the common risks that are associated with undertaking Micropigmentation treatments. A policy of this type will usually include the following insurance products: 


  • Public Liability Insurance 
  • Employers Liability Insurance 
  • Business Interruption Insurance 
  • Goods In Transit Insurance 
  • Professional Treatment Risk
What Does Micropigmentation Treatments Insurance Cover?

Micropigmentation treatment cover is designed to offer protection against the common risks you face in your daily operations. This will often be a fully tailored insurance policy that has been put together with your business in mind. Within this policy will be a range of insurance products that protect your business from compensation claims, legal costs and any financial losses your business will face that are no fault of your own. 

Is Public Liability Insurance Needed For Micropigmentation?

Public liability insurance is recommended for practices offering Micropigmentation treatments. Due to the nature of these procedures, there is a great deal of risk involved to members of the public and claims made against the business can be extremely costly. Public liability offers you coverage against your legal liability for personal injury caused, including compensation costs awarded and legal expenses costs incurred in defending your business. 


Often with cosmetic treatments, clients will be much more likely to claim if they feel like there has been a mistake that has resulted in personal injury. Having the right level of insurance in place is essential for effectively managing this risk. 

What Insurance Is Mandatory For Micropigmentation Treatments?

Employers’ liability insurance is the only form of insurance which is a legal requirement for businesses which have staff. Offering cover that protects your business if an employee attempts to sue you for a work-related illness or injury, it is intended to cover associated legal costs and compensation awards if the employee is successful in their claim. This type of cover is essential for any business that employs members of staff. 


Whilst employers’ liability insurance is the only form of cover which is a legal requirement, other insurance products such as public liability and business interruption are highly recommended. Cosmetic treatment practices operate in high-risk environments on a daily basis and without the correct cover in place, your business could be vulnerable to costly claims.

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