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Working in medicine requires a strong academic ability, dedication, empathy and kindness towards others, the ability to work with difficult situations and effective communication. It will require you to commit 4-6 years and a large investment into training at a Medical School/University, so it is not a career path to be taken lightly.

Having an extensive knowledge of the exact anatomy of the face and body, and further medical knowledge which is all-important to recognise and deal with potential adverse reactions and complications during treatment. Getting a treatment wrong and the consequences you will face are more than cosmetic. A client suing you for malpractice and negligence could have ruinous consequences on your business, that is why it is vital to have the correct insurance.


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Medical Malpractice Insurance

Here at Enhance, we are Insurance intermediaries who can help to arrange protection and insurance for Qualified Medical Professionals. We will not cover injectable or invasive treatments for beauty therapists.

We recognise the need, as a Licensed Medical Professional, to record and provide evidence of your continuous professional development and have regular appraisals to demonstrate your skills remain up to date and fit to practice. That’s why we strive to provide you with the insurance cover you need to protect you, your business and your employees.

So, to discuss your specific needs, speak to a member of our team today on 0800 980 3776. The world of Aesthetics is continuously changing, so it is important to arrange insurance for your practice through a Medical Aesthetic insurance partner like us here at Enhance. We are readily equipped to meet the dynamic transformations of the industry, allowing you to focus on your business and helping it flourish whilst also providing cutting-edge treatments to your patients with the peace of mind you’re covered.

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Why Do You Need Aesthetics and Medical Malpractice Insurance?

After years of training and experience in the aesthetics field, you will be confident in your practice. Yet, no matter how much experience you have, there is always a chance that an accident could happen and something could go wrong during a procedure.

If this happens, there is no way to hide your mistakes and an unhappy client will likely take action.

While claims take time, money and experience to deal with, an Aesthetics and Medical Malpractice insurance policy will help you deal with the whole case, so you can keep focussing on running your business.

What Will Your Aesthetics and Medical Malpractice Insurance Cover?

If a client isn’t happy with your treatment, then they will likely claim against you for medical malpractice and negligence.

Medical malpractice involves the allegations of bodily injury, illness or death caused by the treatment you have provided. You will have to defend the case with a solicitor and pay any compensation if you’re at fault.

A negligence claim is when someone says you haven’t done your job properly and will again require a lot of time, money and legal know-how to deal with. Our cover will support you in these situations.

We aim to provide you with first class service at all times.

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