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Aesthetic Practitioner Insurance

As an aesthetic practitioner, it’s essential to have the right aesthetics insurance in place to protect you against claims for malpractice or negligence.  Whether you’re offering laser treatments, lip augmentation, dermal fillers, chemical peels or Botox, there’s always a chance that something can go wrong.

Aesthetic Practitioner Insurance, practitioners we can cover*:

  • Aesthetic and Cosemetic Nurses
  • NHS Nurses, Dental Nurses and other medically trained individuals
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Mobile Aesthetic Nurses

If there is a problem and a client sues, compensation claims can be sizeable.  Even a moderate, ‘less severe’ problem, such as a Botox treatment that leaves scarring and facial disfigurement, can lead to compensation payments of up to £48,000*.  Add to this the legal fees for defending the case, potential loss of earnings and reputational damage, and the costs of a claim can be huge.

At Enhance Insurance, we’ve helped hundreds of aesthetic professionals get the aesthetics insurance they need.  Whether you’re operating from a clinic or a salon, our friendly, experienced team can help you get the specialist protection you need.


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*based on underwriting criteria being met and being medically trained professionals. Insurance for Non-Medically aesthetic-trained professionals can get a quotation from within Jensten Group, which Enhance is apart of.

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Why Is Aesthetic Practitioner Insurance So Important?

Aesthetic practitioner insurance provides specialist financial protection against the risks associated with providing treatments.  Most aesthetic procedures come with a risk, and no matter how skilful or careful you are, there’s always a chance that things won’t go to plan, and you’ll face a negligence or malpractice claim. 

Aesthetic practitioner insurance can also offer other important protections.  It can protect you from claims arising from the advice you have given a client or because they aren’t happy with the treatment’s outcomes.  Professional indemnity claims are not uncommon – especially in cases where expected aesthetic treatment outcomes are not set beforehand.  Having professional indemnity cover as part of your aesthetic practitioner insurance can give you protection against these claims, too.  You can also include a public liability insurance element, which covers your legal liability for injury to members of the public or damage to third-party property.

Aesthetic Treatments We Cover

We pride ourselves here at Enhance Insurance on our extensive knowledge within the cosmetic, beauty and aesthetic industry. We work closely with industry experts to keep up with trends and demands. Treatments we cover include:

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Industry-Leading Aesthetic Insurance From Enhance Insurance

In today’s world, the aesthetics industry is constantly evolving, so choosing an insurance broker with the right knowledge and expertise is vital. The right cover is more than skin deep.

Protect your reputation, annual income and bank balance from legal fees, and save yourself from undue stress later down the line with aesthetic insurance. The correct cover will protect you, your business and your team, if there is a claim made against you, and covers damages or compensation you are due to pay, should a case not end in your favour.

Enhance insurance will not only cover, but also provide you with the helpful advice you need. Please contact us today for your quote and consultation based on your individual requirements.

Do aesthetic practitioners need insurance?

Whilst it is not an legal requirement (unless you have employees) that no you don’t legally need insurance. However, given the risks you’re exposed to and the cost of potential compensation claims, you’d be well advised to cover in place.

You would need aesthetic cover to protect you and your practice for malpractice, negligence, employee liability claims. You might never actually have to make a claim, but it’s better to err on the side of caution by procuring insurance than being caught outside with your clothes in the rain. 

How much does aesthetic practitioner insurance cost?

That will depend on things such as the size of your business, the type of treatments you are offering, your claims record, and how long you have been practicing for. 

To find out more, please contact us today, call 0808 239 9154 or start your no-obligation aesthetics practitioner insurance quote.

Who needs aesthetic practitioner insurance?

If you’re an aesthetic practitioner, whether you’re offering Botox, hair transplants, IV vitamin injections or some other medical aesthetics treatment, then you’d be wise to have aesthetic practitioner insurance in place.

Is Professional Indemnity Mandatory?

Under UK law, professional indemnity is not compulsory on a broad scale. It, however, is necessary for medical professionals to have adequate insurance to practice in the UK. Most of these obligations are levied by professional bodies and regulators.

How Is Medical Negligence Proved?

Medical negligence in the UK is determined by a three-stage test which establishes that the claimant has rights to a duty of care; if that duty of care has been breached; and if, as a result of the breach, the claimant was harmed.

Who Is Not Covered By The NHS Indemnity?

NHS Indemnity does not cover family care professionals that are working under contract for services. These include general practitioners, dental practitioners, self-employed healthcare professionals, etc.

How can I get an aesthetic insurance quote?

Getting a quote is easy.  You can call our experienced, friendly team on 0808 239 9154 or start your quote online today.

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