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Aesthetic Insurance

When you provide aesthetic treatments, despite all of your intentions for the best outcome, things don’t always go to plan. Clients may claim that your treatment has injured them, or a negligence mistake could spell the need for legal defence with high legal costs and compensation payments, should you be found at fault.

Having the correct insurance cover on a Medical Malpractice policy is an important investment for all aesthetic practitioners, no matter what treatments you provide, whether these be Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Fillers, Vitamin B12 injections, Dermaplaning, Microblading, Chemical Peel, Laser treatments or other general beauty treatments.

Here at Enhance Insurance, we arrange Medical Malpractice policies to aesthetic practitioners and your clinics or beauty salons, if needed. We’ll ensure that you receive the cover suited to your business, designed to protect you whilst you are providing treatments.

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Why Is Cover For Aesthetic Practitioners So Important?

It is vital when you provide treatments that you have the necessary aesthetic insurance in place, to protect yourself from any claims that may arise. If you are found personally liable in the event of anything happening to a client whilst receiving treatments, you need to have the correct cover in place to protect you and avoid any legal costs falling on yourself.

All treatments carry a risk to yourself and your business, so having the appropriate cover in place is essential to your business.

As well as bodily injury claims, you could face financial loss through negligence allegations, say a client is not happy if the outcome or advice given is found to be negligent, this is where the Medical Malpractice policy would benefit you greatly.


Aesthetic Treatments We Cover

We pride ourselves here at Enhance Insurance on our extensive knowledge within the cosmetic, beauty and aesthetic industry. We work closely with industry experts to keep up with trends and demands. Treatments we cover include:

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Industry-Leading Aesthetic Insurance From Enhance Insurance

In today’s world, the aesthetics industry is constantly evolving, so choosing an insurance broker with the right knowledge and expertise is vital. The right cover is more than skin deep.

Protect your reputation, annual income and bank balance from legal fees, and save yourself from undue stress later down the line with aesthetic insurance. The correct cover will protect you, your business and your team, if there is a claim made against you, and covers damages or compensation you are due to pay, should a case not end in your favour.

Enhance insurance will not only cover, but also provide you with the helpful advice you need. Please contact us today for your quote and consultation based on your individual requirements.

Why Do I Need Aesthetic Insurance?

You need aesthetic cover to protect you and your practice. You need cover for malpractice, negligence, employee liability, etc. You might never actually have to make a claim, but it’s better to err on the side of caution by procuring insurance than being caught outside with your clothes in the rain. 

Where Can I Get Aesthetic Insurance?

Here at Enhance insurance, we offer competitive aesthetic insurance prices for medical personnel. If you are looking for insurance that really caters to medical personnel, we are the insurance you need.

Is There Aesthetic Insurance for Nurses?

Yes! At Enhance Insurance, we provide aesthetic insurance services to NHS nurses. We take catering for NMC members seriously because all members must have insurance coverage. We offer Medical Indemnity and public liability insurance for all nurses.

Is Professional Indemnity Mandatory?

Under UK law, professional indemnity is not compulsory on a broad scale. It, however, is necessary for medical professionals to have adequate insurance to practice in the UK. Most of these obligations are levied by professional bodies and regulators.

How Is Medical Negligence Proved?

Medical negligence in the UK is determined by a three-stage test which establishes that the claimant has rights to a duty of care; if that duty of care has been breached; and if, as a result of the breach, the claimant was harmed.

Who Is Not Covered By The NHS Indemnity?

NHS Indemnity does not cover family care professionals that are working under contract for services. These include general practitioners, dental practitioners, self-employed healthcare professionals, etc.

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