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As a doctor, you work hard to provide good quality healthcare, though being human, a mistake can be made and things can go wrong. You’ll need to ensure you have the correct cover, tailored to your needs, not only to continue supporting your local community but to also to protect yourself and continue your membership of the GMC.

Yet, sometimes finding the right cover and comparing quotes can be challenging, especially with such a time-consuming job. That’s why here at Enhance Insurance we have made finding the right insurance for you, simple. To discuss your insurance policy further, contact us today on 0800 980 3776, our insurance advisors will be on hand to give you the advice you need and make recommendations on your cover.

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Why Is It Important To Have Insurance as a GMC Registered Doctor?

As a doctor, you have a statutory requirement to ensure that your insurance and indemnity cover is completely adequate, and sufficient enough to cover any claims that may be made against your practice.

What’s more, as a member of the GMC, you will be required to have adequate and appropriate cover. If you fail to have the cover you need, the GMC has regulatory powers to check the level of cover you have and can remove a doctor’s license if it is not in place. The GMC can also refuse to grant a license to a doctor if they do not have the correct cover for when they begin practicing.

Of course, should the worst happen, insurance also means that your patient would be financially supported.


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What Insurance Will You Need as a GMC Registered Doctor?

Your role as a doctor is vital and so is having the correct insurance policy. Without the adequate cover, your livelihood could be completely exposed and unforeseen events could cause you large financial losses and even lose your ability to practice as a doctor. Some of the insurance likely to be included in your policy includes:

Public Liability Insurance

This will protect any clients and visitors to your GP/doctors surgery against, for example, slips, trips and falls that could potentially lead to large compensation claims against you. No matter how careful you are, these accidents can potentially happen, so it’s vital to make sure you and your visitors are protected.

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Employers’ liability insurance is also a legal requirement. If you employ others as a part of your wider surgery, then it is a statutory requirement that they are also insured and have adequate protection, should they suffer an injury in the workplace. Investing in employers’ liability insurance can help protect your livelihood should an unfortunate accident happen, so you can have the peace of mind that both you and your employees are covered.

Business Interruption

This will also play a key role in your wider insurance, as it will protect your business against unforeseen events, for example, if you suffer damage to your premises which renders you unable to practice. For the perils insured this cover can take care of any potential business expenses and loss of income, to help you get back up and running again.

Medical Equipment

Any specialist equipment you use in your practice may also need to be insured under specialist cover. This will protect you against breakdown or damage.

Cyber and Data Insurance

As a GMC registered Doctor, you’ll likely store a wide range of private and confidential information about your patients. Cyber and data insurance will protect you against data breaches, whether it’s due to a mistake of your own or if you find yourself targeted by cyber criminals. In either case, this insurance can cover costs required to put your practice back on track.

In Need of More Advice on Your Insurance Cover?

There may be other insurance covers you need, such as professional indemnity, cyber and medical malpractice insurance, depending on you and your own personal requirements as a GMC registered doctor.

That’s why we aim to arrange an insurance policy completely tailored to your needs.

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