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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Practitioners

As an operating department practitioner, it is vital that your patients can trust and count on you. How patients perceive you in terms of trust and reliability can reflect heavily on your reputation, therefore, being completely covered is of paramount importance. Despite your skill, ability, and how determined you are in your role as an operating department practitioner, accidents are still always a possibility, which is why it is in your best interests to be protected against any risks that you are exposed to.

As an operating department practitioner, your role is to ensure all patients are given the correct treatment prior to, during, and after surgery. Additionally, you assist surgeons and other medical experts involved with surgery. Our role is to ensure we take care of all of your insurance needs, taking one less stress away from you. Without the added stress of having to take care of your own insurance, you can focus on your day-to-day role and each aspect of the job that you provide.

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Why Is It Important For Operating Department Practitioners To Be Insured?

During your day-to-day role of treating patients, you consistently risk facing liability charges, with some of the most common arising from the use of anaesthesia, incorrect surgical equipment, passing on false information in error and preparing incorrect drugs for the patient. In addition to this, you also other common instances such as falls, burns, and more. Even with extensive knowledge, training, and skill, mistakes still have the potential to occur at any given moment.

With numerous responsibilities working as an operating department practitioner, the injuries sustained or the problems that your patient may face from errors can vary in terms of severity, however, the awards they could receive from a claim in the instance of an error has the potential to be quite considerable. For this very reason, it is incredibly important to ensure as an operating department practitioner that you have the right insurance policy. An insurance policy could be the difference between you continuing business and losing your practice, especially if working in a private surgery.


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What Types Of Insurance Is Needed As An Operating Department Practitioner?

As an Operating Department Practioner, it is vital that you have the right insurance. Without adequate cover, your livelihood could be completely exposed and unforeseen events could cause you large financial losses and even lose your ability to practice. Some of the insurance likely to be included in your policy includes:

Employers’ Liability Insurance

If your role is to employ operating department practitioners, having adequate employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement. This will protect your business against any financial loss that you may face as an employer due to employees sustaining injuries or illnesses due to their job.

In addition to this, you’ll also have the peace of mind that your business is covered and your employees will appreciate you investing in their welfare with the correct employers’ liability insurance.

Specialist Equipment Insurance

The role of an operating department practitioner requires the use of specialist medical equipment, be it the practitioners using the equipment themselves or providing the equipment for other practitioners. Specialist equipment insurance will cover the equipment that is used for breakdown and annual inspections. This allows you to get up and running again quickly.

In Need of More Advice on Your Insurance Cover?

There may be other insurance covers you need, such as professional indemnity, cyber and medical malpractice insurance, depending on you and your own personal requirements as an Operating Department Practioner.

That’s why we aim to arrange an insurance policy completely tailored to your needs.

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