Can You Do Aesthetics Without Being a Medical Professional?

Can You Do Aesthetics Without Being a Medical Professional?

With cosmetic and aesthetics treatments increasing in popularity, it’s becoming a more lucrative opportunity than ever before to enter into the world of offering cosmetic treatments. So, what are the requirements, qualifications and experience required, and can you provide aesthetics treatments without being a medical professional?

Aesthetics Qualifications

If you come from a medical background or are with a regulatory body, we are able to provide you with cover in any aesthetic treatment including injectables, as you already have the knowledge and experience in the areas you are seeking to treat.

If you have completed beauty therapy courses, you can acquire the knowledge and skills to efficiently administer all cosmetic treatments and obtain cover in these, excluding injectables. The NVQ Level 3 qualification is efficient to then have training in aesthetic treatments and obtain cover with us, and the NVQ Level 4 Core of Knowledge is ideal if you are seeking cover in Laser treatments.

However, when it comes to providing injectable treatments, such as Botox and Dermal Fillers, we are unable to provide cover for you if you are not medically qualified or with a regulatory body. As the world of regulation in aesthetics treatments is constantly evolving, it’s likely that the Level 7 qualification, which has the backing of both Health Education England and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), will become the regulatory guideline, but we remain unable to provide cover in injectables for you unless you are a medical professional.

Getting Aesthetics Insurance

If you’re administering these treatments to patients, either as a part of a clinic or self-employed practitioner, then you need to ensure that you have the correct cover in place, to protect yourself and your finances in case anything goes wrong.

The main reason why you should be looking to have aesthetics insurance in place when you’re offering a range of cosmetic treatments is to protect you from any claims against you for negligence or if the outcome or advice given is found to be negligent. If you have equipment that you are using to perform treatments then you should also look to have cover in place for your contents, in the case of your equipment breaking down or theft etc. If you have employees, you also need to have Employer’s liability insurance in place, which is a legal requirement.

By having adequate cover to suit your business needs, it means that you are protected from the many potential negative financial disputes that would otherwise fall on yourself to indemnify, which would have a big impact to run your services effectively.

At Enhance Insurance we can work with you to create a bespoke package of cover suited to your exact business needs. We can help guide you to ensure that you are covered for the exact services you provide, covering the correct level of protection you require. Get in touch with us today for your quote and consultation.

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