Micro Pigmentation Treatment Insurance

What Are Micropigmentation Treatments?

Micropigmentation treatments is another fast emerging cosmetic treatment offered in the UK. It is an innovative treatment that is classed as permanent makeup. It is often used by both male and females to treat hairline reduction, define eyebrow shapes and a range of other cosmetic treatments. The treatment can last for years and is a great, smudge free way of boosting people’s self-esteem. The treatment itself involves the insertion of pigments (in most cases black) into what’s known as the dermal layer of the skin.  

With all cosmetic treatments, there is a slight risk. Because micropigmentation is a semi-permanent treatment that can last for years, it is vital that skin clinics and practitioners are insured should any issues or complications arise.

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Why do you need insurance for micropigmentation?

It is necessary that those providing micropigmentation treatments to patients have the correct Cosmetic Insurance. With micropigmentation treatments becoming increasingly popular it is important to get the right cover set up. In addition to the increase in demand, due to the semi-permanent nature of the treatment, you’ll want to make sure that you are covered.

The team at Enhance Insurance are available to make sure you have the right Micropigmentation Insurance. With the in-depth knowledge our team has of your industry, we will be available to support you with any of your Aesthetic & Medical Malpractice Insurance requirements.


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