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Trends for 2024 in Aesthetics

Research indicates that the UK aesthetic market is valued in excess of £3 billion, with demand for treatment continuing to rise.

Ongoing research and development means there’s always a new product or service launching that could be worth offering to your patients.

Of course, not everything is worth its hype, so we’ve picked the top three predicted trends worth investing in for 2024!

1. Regenerative aesthetics

Products that treat the skin from within have soared in popularity this year and are expected to continue to do so in 2024 as patients become more aware of their potential.

In particular, it’s worth looking into polynucleotides and exosomes. While working in different ways, both treatments stimulate fibroblast repair to regenerate skin quality. Clinical research shows excellent results and patients appreciate having an option that is solving their ageing concerns, rather than masking them.

2. Menopause support

Many aesthetic patients are of perimenopausal or menopausal age and often seek treatment for menopause-related concerns. Dry and sagging skin tops the list, but they may also need help managing intimate health concerns and mental wellbeing.

Conferences and courses advising aesthetic practitioners on how to consult and treat menopause-related concerns have dominated in 2023, with more planned for next year. If you’re looking to expand your service offering and support your female patients throughout a challenging time in their life, then menopause training should be a consideration!

3. Genetic testing

Access to tests that can identify how genes respond to diet and exercise, resistance to dermal fillers, the causes of hair loss and acne, and the rate of cellular ageing means you can now tailor your treatments to work in accordance with patients’ individual genetic makeup for more effective results.

As consumers become more aware of this technology, it’s likely we’ll see an increase in people wanting bespoke tests and treatments to ensure they don’t waste time or money on an approach that could be ineffective. Introducing genetic testing to your clinic early could give you a unique edge over local competitors and make you stand out as an advanced aesthetic practitioner!

Safety and training must come first.

Whenever you’re introducing a new service, product or treatment to your clinic, it’s imperative that you’ve undergone the appropriate training to ensure you provide safe and successful results.

Not doing so could mean that your insurance won’t cover you if something does go wrong. Click here to learn more about the insurance packages we offer and what you need to qualify.

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