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Going Digital in 2024

Paper to Digital in Medical Aesthetics

We are over halfway through the year, a time for making positive changes that improve productivity and efficiency. As a leading cosmetic insurance provider, one of our top recommendations for 2024 is to go digital!

Here we explain why doing so will help your clinic run more smoothly, while giving you an added layer of protection should you face a claim this year.

Moving from pen and paper

With your NHS days behind you, now is the opportunity to embrace the benefits of digital clinic software. There are a number of highly efficient systems available, which will allow you to:

  • Take online bookings
  • Plan your resources
  • Customise consent forms
  • Send automated pre- and post-treatment advice
  • Schedule appointment reminders
  • Process payments
  • Store before and after images
  • Complete stock management

Some systems even enable you to produce marketing material, send surveys, issue gift vouchers, manage staff with rotas and KPI tackers, and produce useful reports to easily analyse the status of your business.

Most importantly, a digital system will allow you to manage patient records. With one click of a button you’ll be able to view each patient’s medical history, previous treatment notes, photos and documents in one place. This will save you time and ensure you have everything you need in one place should a complaint or claim arise.

Insurance considerations

It doesn’t matter how small or big your clinic is, your online systems will store patients’ personal data so you must protect them. In the digital world we live in, the risk of cyber-attacks is huge and can impact anyone.

First, ensure everything is encrypted (your digital system provider should offer advice on this) and secondly, invest in cyber insurance cover should anything go wrong.

Cyber insurance will help cover costs of legal fees, expenses and potential damages. To find out what cover you need, get in touch with the Enhance Insurance team today.

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